Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beautiful day at the Houston Zoo!

The Houston Zoo offers free admission from 2-6pm the first Tuesday of every month. I typically try and take Dominic once every few months for several reasons: the Houston Zoo is a really fantastic zoo and kids never grow tired of the zoo or the animals.

A really cool green frog in the reptile building

Yesterday was an absolutely stunning day in Houston. The temperature couldn't have been more perfect and there was little to no humidity. Spring is definitely the perfect season to visit the zoo. The elephants were all out in full force yesterday and we saw two baby elephants.

Baby elephants are so cute!

The Houston Zoo recently remodeled parts of the zoo and they moved the giraffe's close to the children's section of the zoo. You can actually pay and feed the giraffe's now (through a fence, of course).

One of the newer, remodeled areas of the zoo includes an African area and they installed some bongo drums.

And-some cool thatched huts. Dominic loved these.

We ended the day with a merry-go-round/carousel ride and then went to play at the playground near the petting zoo.

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