Saturday, February 5, 2011

Interview with Wendy & Melissa of Modplexi

Today's interview is really awesome! I went to high school with Wendy, one of the gals/artists who started Modplexi. Wendy and I were never really close in high school, but we had a lot of the same friends. I reconnected with Wendy a few years ago on Facebook and we've stayed in touch since. I asked her a few days ago if she and her business partner, Melissa, would be interested in doing an interview for my blog and she said, "girl, of course!". Wendy and Melissa make really amazing products made of plexiglas. Their Etsy shop announcement says, "simple designs, loads of drama". I think that says it all!

TVT: Tell us a little about yourselves:

MP: So, hi there. Modplexi was founded by Wendy & Melissa. Two mamas, both with two little girls, both loving mid century inspired living. We are a total d.i.y. duo that make address plaques, frames, and collage art using plexiglas. Everyday is a day on the learning curve in this whole process. But we love the process and love the idea of what we make.

TVT: When did you first start crafting?

Well, we don’t really consider our self crafters. Mainly because when we started ModPlexi, it was about making address plaques and frames. So, Modplexi is more about making, guess you’d call them home accessories! We started up about a year and a half ago.

TVT: Please describe your work in detail. What's your favorite type of crafting/art?

MP: Well, the base of everything we do is plexiglas. it has such a classic, modern look to it. Think lucite. Clean, unobtrusive … but at the same time, it really makes a statement. We take pieces of plexiglas … turn them into address plaques, frames, and our latest efforts - and by far the most fun - collage art. The fact that plexiglas comes in such a range of colors, really gives us freedom to create different moods while keeping all our pieces simple, clean, modern, and badass!

TVT: How has your work evolved from your earlier work?

MP: Sort of a tricky question. Evolved because what we do is better. The more you make, the better you get! Maybe the biggest change is in adding collage art. In more than adding it to our collection, we have improved and evolved the most in this “department.” Our collage art pieces have become more detailed, more varied in subject matter, and really show our personalities.

TVT: Where do you get your inspiration?

MP: For our address plaques and frames … first and foremost, from mid century stylings. We both love mid century living and everything that comes along with that time period.

For the art, it goes beyond the 50’s, as we fully embrace other stylings from the 70’s and 80’s. From that jumping point, art and music come in to play. From there, kitsch, junk, thrift stores, other artists … bad taste … you name it! We collect tons of books and magazines and pull images from them to create all kinds of trashy to fabulous worlds … all captured between two or three pieces of plexiglas.

TVT: Where are your products sold (online/stores)?

MP: Right now, we pretty much work through Etsy. We are anxious to get our art up at some places in town (Austin). We had the opportunity to be part of the E.A.S.T. Austin art tour this year and loved it. We really believe the pieces have much more impact in person. We find that pictures do not do the “magic” of plexiglas justice. It really is a fine magical beast!

TVT: What advice can you give other crafters/artists when selling their items?

MP: Wish we had some great words of advice. We are just over a year into this whole thing … so we are still learning the ins and outs. If we had to say the one thing we’ve learned thus far - you gotta hustle!

TVT: Describe yourself in three words:

MP: Oh good grief … that’s tough and depends on the day! Kitsch. Pop. Clean-lined. Fun .. Necessary ...

TVT: Is there is anything else you'd like to share with us?

MP: Oh geeze ... thanks for taking a minute to check us out, really. We hope to keep making plexiglas goodies for mass world consumption! It’s an unforgiving product to work with, but the end results are sooo worth the effort. We both love the stuff and the opportunity to make all kinds of rad things.

You can find Wendy, Melissa and Modplexi online at the following places:

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Modplexi on Etsy
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Modplexi on Flickr

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