Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I love today!

Vintage Draped Chiffon Illusion Cocktail Dress S M
by Vogue Vintage Clothing. 

This dress would be fabulous to wear out to a super fancy cocktail party! Love the 50s!

Pair Vintage Wrought Iron Brackets for Plants by Luvvin Jewels.

I love these! They're really shabby and cool! They look great on the brick wall as displayed.

Little Wicker Fishing Basket Picnic by Retro Chalet.

Makes me want to go have a picnic! The weather is beautiful picnic
weather in Houston today!


  1. I remember my Grandma had a picnic basket like that...I don't recall ever going on a picnic with it, but it WAS handy for carrying around dolls!

  2. Thank you for sharing my basket I will add this to my love list of blog posts on my profile xoxox

  3. I wish the weather here was nice enough for picnics. I would love to have one with a basket like that! Thanks for visiting my blog:)