Friday, March 6, 2009

Mid Century Danish Modern: My new chair!

I went to an estate sale yesterday and they had quite a collection of stuff for super cheap prices. I purchased a few things for resale and I also purchased this great teak Danish modern chair for $10 (I know, sweet deal!!):The teak wood is actually in decent condition however, the chair came without a cushion. I drove over to Hobby Lobby last night after working out and purchased two foam polyfill cushions. I just so happen to have some great vintage fabric in my closet and decided to use that fabric to cover the cushions.

Here's my new chair with the newly covered cushions:What do you guys think? I may end up changing the fabric to a solid color at some point, but this will work for now. Great for my office room!


  1. Hey that chair for $10 is quite the steal! I usually see those at estate sales and swap meets at the going rate of $150. Is it marked?

    I like the fabric pattern too!

  2. Personally I think that a solid colour would look better than a pattern. Probably a dark colour to complement the light colour wood.

  3. Thanks Hermosa and Chad.

    The chair is not marked with any particular name-just "Denmark" and a few numbers. Nothing well known.

    I appreciate y'alls comments. I'm going to keep this fabric for awhile and then maybe switch it out to a solid in a few months. That's the beauty of knowing how to change things up a bit!! ;-)

  4. Love the chair, I just picked up two chairs just like it for $2.00 each. I am sanding them down in the shop, they need a compleat restore. If you like Modern Danish check out my blog of my 1960's home. More photos to come. Trig

  5. What a brilliant find! I love the fabric. I recently found some too - mine had the original cushions, they are a bit thicker, and the back one is shorter (16" I believe)
    If you wanna see picture (I haven't finished upholstering them) I kinda want to stain mine darker but I'm afraid to strip them. :/

  6. "just" Denmark. Denmark is one of the most sought after names in mid century modern furniture! You got a steal of a deal!!